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Saul Had His Name Changed By God To Paul

August 12th, 2007 Posted in What's in a name?

When you read the Bible New Testament story of Paul the Apostle it is exciting to see how his name was changed. When you look at his character and actions as Saul and see his character and actions as Paul there are severe differences. Yet, were any of his skills and experiences of benefit to him under his new name change?

His name was changed for him. It was his challenge to live under that new name. He reflected not only a change in his behavior but impacted the lives of others. Yet I see where his skill as an orator were still with him. They were used over and over again. This gives us a lot to think about.

The Crumbsnatcher character in Crumbsnatcher Gets A New Name, has shown some interesting promise for future episodes. Many of those episodes will probably be written here before they are even published in a new DVD or book.

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