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Children Remember The Moral Of The Story

October 11th, 2007 Posted in Children Get it, Fresh off the Press | Comments Off on Children Remember The Moral Of The Story

Tonight a wonderful mom and her three children listened to the Crumbsnatcher DVD three times. They talked about it with their mom and called us up to tell us what they liked. They asked questions about Strong Share and was delighted that he spoke to them on the phone.

They were concerned about children throwing stones at Crumbsnatcher and quoted Ms. Sarah telling the children that it was a wrong thing to do. They knew about Crumbsnatchers new name and talked about his change.

They remembered the power of friendship and mentoring of Strong Share Hummingbird.

Children can sometimes be better than adults in capturing the ethics and ethos of a story. They know the right and wrong if it has been instilled in them by someone who is raising them. Everything they read or see is often measured against the strong foundation of values provided for them.

We were thrilled because this wonderful mom listened and discussed the story with them. Wow and Super Wow!

Ray and Rosie

Sing The Wingie Dingie When You Are Stressed

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The song the Wingie Dingy is powerful in it’s simplicity. I encourage everyone to come up with their own personal song to sing when times are hard. Music is powerful and should be used to encourage , empower and enlighten.

If you want to hear it again just click on the category Wingie Dingie on this blog. Play it often

I have a Book Inside of Me

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I spoke to someone from bird hangout. They told me that they were going to rehab as soon as they went to court. They also read my book called the Olympian Woman and said they wanted more copies to share with others. As she walked away she said, “I have a book in me”. I affirmed her and said, “YES YOU DO!’

I gave here another bible because the other one was lost. I wanted her to have it when she went into rehab. Such a caring and compassionate woman that has had a lot of hurts in her life.

I hope  while she is in rehab and when she comes home she makes the start to write the book that is inside of her. Just like crumbsnatcher she can help someone else with her story.

So many in bird hangout hurt. They hurt with pain many do not understand. They hang with others who are hurting but feeling helpless emotionally/ They are caught up in a life style that so often hurt others as well as themselves.

But we must encourage them to come out of bird hangout and live a life of positive purpose.

Do you know someone in bird hang out that has a book inside of them?


I Chatted With A Crumbsnatcher

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Yesterday while eating lunch I chatted with a Crumbsnatcher. He was a Crumbsnatcher although he was born with a different name. I found out he was a Crumbsnatcher when I asked him about his “passion messages.” He told me about his life of mistakes. But now he has a new name now. He wanted to share messages to young men in the inner city about changing their life to a life of hope.

He said rather than talking TO young men we should spend time talking WITH them. His message is also valuable because of his “Been there and done that” experiences. You see the Crumbsnatcher in our storybook DVD will be a powerful messenger to the other birds in bird hangout. Are you a Crumbsnatcher with a message? There will be a lot to learn from you.

Crumbsnatcher Must Exercise

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When Crumbsnatxher ran into the tree he was wearing sneakers but not flying. Why?

Saul Had His Name Changed By God To Paul

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When you read the Bible New Testament story of Paul the Apostle it is exciting to see how his name was changed. When you look at his character and actions as Saul and see his character and actions as Paul there are severe differences. Yet, were any of his skills and experiences of benefit to him under his new name change?

His name was changed for him. It was his challenge to live under that new name. He reflected not only a change in his behavior but impacted the lives of others. Yet I see where his skill as an orator were still with him. They were used over and over again. This gives us a lot to think about.

The Crumbsnatcher character in Crumbsnatcher Gets A New Name, has shown some interesting promise for future episodes. Many of those episodes will probably be written here before they are even published in a new DVD or book.

Cat Stevens Changed His Name To Yusuf Islam

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The fact that Cat Stevens changed his name to Yusuf Islam in 1978 is old news. Yet what is even older is the fact that he was born with the name Steven Demetre Georgiou in 1948.

His girlfriend told him his eyes looked like a cat so he changed his name to Cat Stevens. When he converted to Islam he changed his name to Yusuf Islam. It is important to note that if you read his fascinating history each name reflects so much of the branding of his life during  that time.

The character Crumbsnatcher name was changed by Ms. Sarah, to Mighty Care Finch. The upcoming episodes will either go  back to show more of his character as Crumbsnatcher, look at his name given to him at birth and or explore his life as Mighty Care Finch.

I have had lots of name changes and will probably have more in the future. Many of  them reflect where I have been during different phases of my life.

Have you had a name change?

Does Your Name Brand You?

August 12th, 2007 Posted in What's in a name? | Comments Off on Does Your Name Brand You?

Often people give us names. These names brand us to others. For example, Crumbsnatcher has a name that brands him as a thief. Do you have a name that brands you?

I am a full figured woman. If someone calls me “fatty” although my physical characteristics reflect that fact I do not have to accept it in my mind. To do so will brand me mentally and I will always see myself as fat and unable to lose the weight.

Yet, I find myself often making fun of myself with statements like, “My other name is Bertha Butt” or “I’ve decided if I am going to be fat I am going to be flexible”. (This said whenever I am doing an exercise program)

I have even adopted the name as an alias when doing dramatic openings in keynotes and workshops. Now many people will identify with the character Bertha Butt and call me by that name. In many ways I am probably subconsciously, trying to maintain the name. When doing my entertaining little skits.

I think that we must be oh so careful how we allow the names given to us based on physical characteristics to stick to us as a brand. I will talk more about this later.


A Spy In Bird Hangout?

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Now that Crumbsnatcher  has a new name can he still hang out in Bird Hangout? Sure he can, but would he be accepted. Would he need to be a spy in order to still glean from the knowledge shared in Bird Handout? How many times do we get separated from an environment only to desire to comeback? Sometime we visit wearing the same clothes we used to wear or using the same language we used to use.

We just do not want anyone to know that we are really not part of the group anymore. Yet what is it that draws us back? What information do we want so badly that we act like a spy?

Crumbsnatcher Did Not Like to Work!

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One important note about the character of Crumbsnatcher is his desire not to work. Yet it is really ironic that he really did work but not in a legal way. It took a lot of work to steal crumbs from other birds nests. He had to observe the patterns of the birds who lived there. Then he had to strategically plan to run, (not fly) to the nests when they were away. He needed to have the needed resources to carry the crumbs away.

Those skills were the result of a lot of hard work.

Can you think of a legal job that would need those skills?