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I have a Book Inside of Me

August 19th, 2007 Posted in Bird hangout

I spoke to someone from bird hangout. They told me that they were going to rehab as soon as they went to court. They also read my book called the Olympian Woman and said they wanted more copies to share with others. As she walked away she said, “I have a book in me”. I affirmed her and said, “YES YOU DO!’

I gave here another bible because the other one was lost. I wanted her to have it when she went into rehab. Such a caring and compassionate woman that has had a lot of hurts in her life.

I hopeĀ  while she is in rehab and when she comes home she makes the start to write the book that is inside of her. Just like crumbsnatcher she can help someone else with her story.

So many in bird hangout hurt. They hurt with pain many do not understand. They hang with others who are hurting but feeling helpless emotionally/ They are caught up in a life style that so often hurt others as well as themselves.

But we must encourage them to come out of bird hangout and live a life of positive purpose.

Do you know someone in bird hang out that has a book inside of them?


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