The Bird With Powerful Life Lessons

I Chatted With A Crumbsnatcher

August 15th, 2007 Posted in What's in a name?

Yesterday while eating lunch I chatted with a Crumbsnatcher. He was a Crumbsnatcher although he was born with a different name. I found out he was a Crumbsnatcher when I asked him about his “passion messages.” He told me about his life of mistakes. But now he has a new name now. He wanted to share messages to young men in the inner city about changing their life to a life of hope.

He said rather than talking TO young men we should spend time talking WITH them. His message is also valuable because of his “Been there and done that” experiences. You see the Crumbsnatcher in our storybook DVD will be a powerful messenger to the other birds in bird hangout. Are you a Crumbsnatcher with a message? There will be a lot to learn from you.

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