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Does Your Name Brand You?

August 12th, 2007 Posted in What's in a name?

Often people give us names. These names brand us to others. For example, Crumbsnatcher has a name that brands him as a thief. Do you have a name that brands you?

I am a full figured woman. If someone calls me “fatty” although my physical characteristics reflect that fact I do not have to accept it in my mind. To do so will brand me mentally and I will always see myself as fat and unable to lose the weight.

Yet, I find myself often making fun of myself with statements like, “My other name is Bertha Butt” or “I’ve decided if I am going to be fat I am going to be flexible”. (This said whenever I am doing an exercise program)

I have even adopted the name as an alias when doing dramatic openings in keynotes and workshops. Now many people will identify with the character Bertha Butt and call me by that name. In many ways I am probably subconsciously, trying to maintain the name. When doing my entertaining little skits.

I think that we must be oh so careful how we allow the names given to us based on physical characteristics to stick to us as a brand. I will talk more about this later.


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