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Children Remember The Moral Of The Story

October 11th, 2007 Posted in Children Get it, Fresh off the Press

Tonight a wonderful mom and her three children listened to the Crumbsnatcher DVD three times. They talked about it with their mom and called us up to tell us what they liked. They asked questions about Strong Share and was delighted that he spoke to them on the phone.

They were concerned about children throwing stones at Crumbsnatcher and quoted Ms. Sarah telling the children that it was a wrong thing to do. They knew about Crumbsnatchers new name and talked about his change.

They remembered the power of friendship and mentoring of Strong Share Hummingbird.

Children can sometimes be better than adults in capturing the ethics and ethos of a story. They know the right and wrong if it has been instilled in them by someone who is raising them. Everything they read or see is often measured against the strong foundation of values provided for them.

We were thrilled because this wonderful mom listened and discussed the story with them. Wow and Super Wow!

Ray and Rosie

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