The Bird With Powerful Life Lessons

Bird Town-An Opportunity for Discussion on Diversity

December 15th, 2007 Posted in Children Get it

The introduction of Bird Town in Crumbsnatcher Gets A New Name is an opportunity for teachers and parents to discuss postive aspects of diversity to young children.

There are several different bird families in Crumbsnatcher. The Humming Bird family, Finch, and Boo Coo’s each have their own differences in appearance but all live and work in Bird Town.

Parents and teachers could ask the children if they know other families that look different from them in their community.  There can be a discussion about what makes people different and what makes them the same.

Although there are differences all of them were still birds. There is such an amazing simplicity in this story. Children really get this concept if introduced early before the complexities of bias infect them.


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